Learn how to detox your body through your feet

Learn how to detox your body through your feet

The ancient Chinese medication practiced award methodology through the feet, supported the assumption that the feet contain various energy zones that area unit connected to the interior body organs.

Therefore, they believed that they'd cleanse the body from the accumulated toxins through the feet.

We suggest a couple of ways that to do this useful technique:

Ionic Foot Bath`

Ionic foot baths area unit a beautiful thanks to cleansing the body of poison. Electrolysis supports them, could be a technique that uses electrical current to form a chemical process.

Initially, open the pores with the assistance of heat water, so use salt employed as associate anti-inflammatory drug astringent. The feet absorb the ions and therefore get cleaned. The elimination of the toxins turns the water dark.

Salt detox bath recipe


– one cup of ocean salt
– one cup of Epsom salt
– two cups of baking soda
– Essential oils (optional)


Boil a pot with water and add the ingredients to the boiling water. Stir till they dissolve and set it aside to cool down off. Soak your feet during this mixture for concerning [*fr1] an associate hour and revel in the soothing, cooling sensation. This bathtub can alleviate irritations, flush out the toxins, raise your energy levels and pump you au fait atomic number 12.

Oxygen ward bathtub


  • – 1 tbsp. powdered ginger
  • – two cups of hydrogen peroxide


Fill your tub with the plight and add dried ginger and oxide. Soak the entire body sure [*fr1] associate hour. {it can|it'll} soothe your body and assist you will all types of irritations and allergies.

Clay detox bath


  • – 1/2 cup Epsom salt
  • – 1/2 cup bentonite clay
  • – Essential oils of your choosing


First, the Epsom salt ought to be dissolved into a hot bathtub. Then, dissolve the clay into some water. Add it into the tub. Your feet ought to be soaked in this for twenty minutes. You’ll increase your levels of atomic number 12, and you’ll detoxify your body!

Foot ward Pads

Buy this type of foot ward pads into any good store. Place them on your feet before you move to the bed. If they're dark in the morning, all of the toxins were eliminated!

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