Italian Doctor Shocked the World: Cancer Is a Fungus That Can Be Treated With Baking Soda

Italian Doctor Shocked the World: Cancer Is a Fungus That Can Be Treated With Baking Soda

According to Italian doctor Tulio Simoncini, cancer is nothing, however, a flora which might be eliminated with saleratus. Dr Simonchini used this methodology to cure thousands of patients tormented by differing types of cancer and claims that it's 100 per cent effective.

The medical aid isn’t harmful in any respect and lets' face it – you’ve got nothing to lose. The painful reality of additional and additional cancer cases is somehow connected to the failures of medicine. “We have to be compelled to prove that fashionable medicine is unable to answer all the queries cancer patients have. It’s our ethical and moral commitment to search out the great cure for the toughest and deadliest diseases of our time,” says Dr Simonchini.

Cancer may be a fungus!

“About a century past, there was a good theory that cancer is caused by defective genes, which implies that the disease is intracellular. However, in my opinion, cancer is a fungal infection and a personal cellular development,” says Dr Simonchini, World Health Organization has sent shockwaves around the medical profession with his claim.


In the plant world, a malignant neoplastic disease is caused by fungus infections, and therefore the same happens in humans. Fungi always carry a growth with them – this has been well-tried in each in vivo and in vitro studies. However, scientists believe that they develop once the illness appeared. Dr Simonchini thinks that they were already there before – fungi produce cancer, weaken our system so attack the full body. Each style of disease is caused by the fungus flora, which has been confirmed by many studies, and its histologic structure may be a result of the defensive measures against the invasion. Over time, our tissues area unit weakened and tired, and that they begin producing unidentified cells. In step with Dr Simonchini, cancer is Associate in Nursing “ulcer” where deformed cells accumulate and kind colonies.

Baking soda

The common antifungal medicine area unit ineffective against cancer as they solely attack the surface of the cells. The most infection is additional powerful than one microorganism, that is why fungous infections last for therefore long. “I have known the items which will attack these colonies of fungi – for cancer, it’s saleratus, and an iodine tincture is that the best substance for carcinoma,” claims Dr Simonchini. several studies have confirmed baking soda’s living thing action against cancer.

The treatment

“I have used the treatment on my patients for quite twenty years. Several of those patients had fully recovered from the illness, even when doctors gave them no possibilities. The most effective thanks to eliminating a growth is for it to return up-to-date with saleratus, which might be applied as irrigation for organic process cancers, shot for brain and respiratory organ tumours and inhalation for tumours within the higher respiratory system. Breast, bodily fluid system and body covering tumours may be treated with an area intromission. Viscus tumors ought to be treated with saleratus by applying it directly into the arteries, and it’s conjointly vital to treat each style of cancer with the right dose,” Dr. Simonchini explains, and continues: “For phleboliths, you’ll like concerning five hundred cm. of 5% or 8.4% solution; in some cases, the mixture solely has to be salty enough. Throughout each treatment, it’s vital to understand that growth colonies come between the three and four days and suffer a collapse between the four and five days, thus a minimum of half-dozen days of treatment is needed. The treatment ought to be recurrent for four cycles, and has no alternative side-effects apart from thirst and weakness.”

“For carcinoma, you ought to rub a zero.7% Iodine tincture on the affected areas 20-30 times on a daily basis. Afterwards, the growth won't come,” Dr Simonchini says.

Here area unit the most symptoms of fungus infection:

  • Chronic fatigue;
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder;
  • Anxiety and irritability;
  • Brain fog and nausea;
  • Chronic skin disorders;
  • Chronic organic process disorders;
  • Mood changes;
  • Starch and sugar cravings.

If you have got a notice a minimum of two of those symptoms, you will have a sophisticated stage of fungus infections which can lead to cancer, so that they ought to ne'er be neglected.

Treatment and interference of fungus infections

The fungous development should be unbroken in restraint. Left untreated, the fungus will result in mycosis which might cause symptoms that mimic alternative diseases and lead to perforation within the intestines and leaky gut syndrome. This can permit supermolecule to attack your blood cells. To forestall more issues, we tend to 1st got to eliminate the foods that feed fungus – sugar and starch. This implies no bread, candy, recent fruit, food and rice for a moment. Specialise in intake raw fruit and steamed vegetables, and a few individuals have had nice results with grapefruit seeds. Dr Simonchini recommends exploitation aluminium-free saleratus for the treatment of cancer. It may be found in most health stores and pharmacies.

How the medical aid works

Baking soda considerably will increase the pH scale of your blood that destroys the fungi. Because of this, saleratus quickly disintegrates the growth, departure it while not defence.

For abdomen, colon, body part and carcinoma, you would like to require one teaspoon of saleratus during a glass of water each morning and evening for a month. In most cases, this can be enough time to eliminate the growth. The medical aid ought to last 3-4 weeks and not on a daily basis additional. Dr Simonchini’s medical assistance conjointly typically needs blood vessel injections additionally. For best results, you’ll like five hundred cubic centimetres. Of the fifty baking soda solution applied to the vein directly each day. Do that for twenty-four days, then choose a scan. Epithelial duct fungous infections became pretty standard these days, and in step with Dr Simonchini, they're the most offender for cervical cancer and epithelial duct tumours. To treat these issues, you need to clean your canal with a mix made from two l. of filtered water and a pair of tablespoons of saleratus. This can defeat the fungi that area unit was inflicting the matter and stop them from coming back in the future.

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