Heart Palpitations: 6 Home Remedies For Fast Heartbeat

Do you ever desire your heart is pounding or flapping abundant quicker than usual? Perhaps it’s like your heart is skipping beats otherwise you feel your pulse in your neck and chest. You'll be experiencing heart palpitations. They will last for less than some seconds, and they will occur at any time. This includes once you’re touring, sitting or lying down, or standing still.

The good news is that not all cases of fast heartbeat mean you've got a cardiopathy. Generally, the palpitations are caused by things that build your heart work more durable, like stress, illness, dehydration, or exercise.

Other causes might include:

  • pregnancy
  • caffeine
  • other medical conditions
  • certain medications
  • illegal medicine
  • tobacco merchandise
  • Keep reading to be told six ways in which you'll be able to manage heart palpitations reception once you ought to see your doctor, and tips for a healthy heart.

1. strive relaxation techniques

  • Stress will trigger or worsen heart palpitations. That’s as a result of fear and excitement will build your neurotransmitter spike. Managing your stress through relaxation will facilitate. Sensible choices embody meditation, tai chi, and yoga.
  • Try sitting cross-legged and taking a slow breath in through your nostrils and so out through your mouth. Repeat till you are feeling calm.
  • You should additionally specialise in restful throughout the day, not simply once you feel palpitations or a athletics heart. Stop and pause deep breaths every 1-2 hours to assist calm your mind and keep you relaxed. Keeping your general stress levels low will help you to avoid episodes of fast heartbeat and lower your resting pulse rate over time. Biofeedback and guided imaging also are effective choices.

2. Do cranial nerve maneuvers

  • The vagus has several functions, as well as connecting your brain to your heart.
  • Vagal maneuvers stimulate the vagus and will facilitate regulate fast heartbeat.
  • You can stimulate the vagus reception. However, you ought to get your doctor’s approval initial.

Here are some ways in which you can stimulate the nerve:

  • Take a cold shower, splash cold water on your face, or apply a chilled towel or ice pack to your face for 20-30 seconds.
  • The “shock” of the cold water helps stimulate the nerve.
  • Chant the word “Om” or a cough or gag.
  • Hold your breath or bear down like you have a movement.
  • For best results, perform these maneuvers whereas contact your back.
  • Your doctor will show you the way to perform them correctly.

3. Drink water

  • Dehydration will cause heart palpitations. That’s as a result of your blood contains water, thus once you become dehydrated, your blood will become thicker.
  • The thicker your blood is, the more durable your heart should work to maneuver it through your veins.
  • That can increase your pulse and probably result in palpitations.
  • If you are feeling your pulse climb, reach for a glass of water.
  • If you notice your excreta is dark yellow, drink additional fluids to forestall palpitations.

4. Restore balance

  • Electrolytes facilitate move electrical signals throughout your body.
  • Electrical signals are vital for the right functioning of your heart.

Some electrolytes that may profit your heart health include:

  • potassium
  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • sodium
Most of those electrolytes are best obtained from foods.

  1. Avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes, and spinach are excellent sources of atomic number 19. To extend your intake of metal, eat additional dark foliaceous greens and farm merchandise. Dark foliaceous greens also are an excellent supply of magnesium, and then are kooky and fish. Most people get enough Na in their diet with prepacked foods like shop meats and canned soups.
  2. Supplements might facilitate maintain your balance, however, ask your doctor before taking any new supplements. Too several electrolytes will cause issues. If you think you'll have an associate imbalance, your doctor will check your excreta and blood to verify.

5. Avoid stimulants

  • There square measure several substances which will cause you to be additional possible to possess a fast heartbeat.
  • Eliminating this stuff from your daily routine might reduce or perhaps stop your symptoms.

They include:

  1. caffeinated beverages and foods
  2. tobacco merchandise or marijuana
  3. excessive alcohol
  4. certain cold and cough medications
  5. appetite suppressants
  6. drugs wont to treat mental sicknesses
  7. high blood pressure medications
  8. illegal medicine like hard drug, speed, or methamphetamines
  9. Your own triggers can possibly be distinctive to you. Strive to keep a listing of the items you consume which will cause your heart palpitations. If attainable, avoid any things you think could also be inflicting your symptoms and see if your symptoms stop. Ask your doctor if you think that any prescription medications could also be wreaking your symptoms.

6. further treatments

  • In several cases of heart palpitations, no treatment is essential. Instead, you ought to concentrate to once you’re experiencing your palpitations and avoid activities, foods, or anything that brings them on.
  • You may realise it useful to write down once you expertise the palpitations to check if you can determine a trigger. Keeping a log may additionally be helpful if you knowledge additional pulsations over time. You'll be able to take this info to your doctor at future appointments.
  • If your doctor identifies a cause for your palpitations, they will advocate treatment. For instance, if your diagnostic tests uncover that you merely have heart disease, your doctor can move forward with a treatment set up there in space. Treatment choices for heart disease might embody medications, surgery, or implantation of a tool sort of a pacemaker.

When to hunt facilitate

  • Talk to your doctor if you notice your pulse rate is quicker than traditional. Doctors cannot invariably pinpoint the reason behind heart palpitations. They're going to need to rule out rhythm disorders like cardiac arrhythmia and different medical conditions like thyrotoxicosis.
  • There is usually minimal risk of complications with heart palpitations unless they’re caused by associate underlying cardiopathy.

If they’re caused by a cardiopathy, you'll experience:

  • fainting if your heart beats too quickly and causes your force per unit area to drop
  • cardiac arrest if your palpitations square measure caused by arrhythmias and your heart isn’t beating expeditiously
  • stroke if your palpitations square measure caused by arrhythmia
  • heart failure if your heart isn’t pumping well for a protracted amount of your time
  • Speak to your doctor if you've got palpitations with symptoms or if you've got other considerations regarding your health.


  • At your appointment, your doctor can possibly ask for your medical record, what symptoms you’re experiencing, what medications you’re taking, and so offer you a physical communicating. It's going to be troublesome to seek out the reason behind your palpitations. Your doctor might order additional tests or check with you a medical specialist.
  • Tests for heart palpitations might embody associate electrocardiogram (EKG), that shows the electrical activity of your heart. You'll even have an associate sonogram, that is associate ultrasound check that helps your doctor visualise the various components of your heart.
  • Other choices embody an assay, chest X-ray, and ambulant heart monitor check. In some cases, your doctor may also need to run additional invasive tests, like associate electrophysiology study or viscus catheterisation.


  • Most cases of heart palpitations don't seem to be thought of severe unless you've got underlying heart disease.
  • Your doctor still has to recognise what you’re experiencing. However, your heart palpitations might not want special treatment beyond lifestyle measures.
  • Avoiding triggers might facilitate cut back or eliminate your symptoms.

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