Get Spot Free Glowing Skin Within 3 Days

Get Spot Free Glowing Skin Within 3 Days

Every ladies desires her face bright and glowing. Spot free and glowing skin will increase self-esteem. There square measure several products that provide for eliminating spots and creating your skin younger. However, those products contain several chemicals that don't seem to be smart for the skin. They glow up the surface for merely few time, and after you stop victimization that product,  you get a dangerous reaction in the result. Thus during this article, you'll get two best recipes for glowing skin and may merely get free from spots in mere three nights.


This formula relies on potato and juice. Juice and potato juice each square measure useful for skin. They each help to melt skin and build it glowing. They additionally eliminate spots. Following square measure properties of juice and potato juice.

Lemon juice:

Lemon juice lightens scars and age spots
It has natural anti-bacterial properties that help to forestall skin problem
It is a natural exfoliator
It softens skin areas and builds them glowing
Potato treats skin blemishes
It softens skin and makes it burn
It additionally whitens your skin
It reduces spots and offers a younger look on face.


One potato
Half lemon (juice)


Blend potato in an exceeding liquidizer. Add 0.5 juice in it and blend each component well.


Apply this mixture on your face in circular motion. Leave it for twenty minutes. Then rinse your face.


This formula relies on potato juice and cucumber. They each square measure excellent for skin care. I on top of told you properties of potato, here square measure some properties of cucumber still.


Cucumber helps to renew the skin
It reverses skin tanning
Helps to truthfulness sunburn
Reduces dark spots and dark circles
It treats well with open pores of the skin


1 potato
Half cucumber

Blend cucumber and potato thus well that they combine into one another to make a homogeneous mixture.

Apply this mixture on your face in circular motion. Leave it for twenty-five minutes. Then rinses/wash your face.

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